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Noteworthy’s Most Played Tracks for Q3 2022

Ivan from Noteworthy here again (Mondays, 6PM-7PM). In the past I’ve shared my most played songs in a month, but I’ve decided to expand it to the quarter for this post. As usual, I’m providing the disclaimer that the play count is based on what I’m listening to personally, not what has been played on the show.

#1 The Gap Band – “Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)” 

32 spins

The comments section on YouTube can be an absolute treasure sometimes depending on the video. I often like to read people’s reactions and recommendations and fall deeper into the rabbit hole. After months of holding it off, I finally decided to watch the video for “Don’t Stop The Music”  by Yarbrough & Peoples because of the promise of puppets and I’m generally fascinated with the existence of music videos created right before the value of MTV was understood.

As I was scrolling through all of the nostalgic comments giving me an idea of what life was like back in 1981, someone mentioned that this along with “Burn Rubber” made it a great time for the radio. I immediately searched for it because that title was new to me and the result became my most played song of the third quarter. I think what caught my attention first is how Charlie Wilson refers to himself in the chorus, as if he’s almost appalled that a woman would walk out on him—lead singer of The Gap Band—and just how more emphatic he becomes as the song carries on. My feelings would be hurt too if I could moonwalk in some of the slickest cowboy boots the decade had ever seen and was told that I’m not good enough.

#2 Lava La Rue feat. Biig Piig – “Hi-Fidelity”

21 spins

I’m grateful for whatever algorithm predicted that I would check this song out based on the Biig Piig appearance. It’s dripping with spaced-out funk and smooth vibes. Pretty sure this might be in top ten singles of the year.

TIE – #3 Gabriel Sayer – “Pfizer”

12 spins 

I can’t remember the last time that I bobbed my head to a sax line like this before, nor can I recall trying to figure out if it was a real sax or keyboard as well. The tone to it is incredibly thick and thunderous.

TIE – #3 Jade Novah – “Lost In You”

12 spins

I really enjoyed seeing Jade Novah express some of her comedic chops with The Inner J’s skits, a group of short videos where she portrays three different sides of her personality. It’s been effective in making sure that I kept up with her and helped “Lost In You” be one of my go-to songs over the summer. I’m also a sucker for any R&B song that teases out an acoustic guitar before bringing in other instruments (see RaVaughn’s “Best Friend” and TLC’s “Dear Lie” for reference).

TIE – #3 Remi Wolf – “Woo!”

12 spins

Life somehow became so much in 2020 that I neglected to listen to one track from my Missed Hits Spotify playlist. It was a playlist created for me with suggestions that I hadn’t played. Fast-forward to 2022 and I glance at the first song on the playlist and it turns out to be Remi Wolf, who I’m very well aware of at this point. There are worse things than not realizing this track could have been in my life much sooner, but I can only blame myself for not hopping on the Remi wave sooner.

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