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Well, here it is once again. DJ MAG released its TOP 100 list that includes Dj’s from all around the world. If you are a trance/house lover, this won’t surprise you much. On the other hand, if you are a bass junkie, a “deadmau5 is house” and “Skrillex is the best”, then just scroll down down and away. Here are some of the highlights.

1)   DJ MAG Top 100 polls are based on the votes of participants from around the world. No one or committee picks the DJ’s, or believe me, Skrillex would make it on the Top 1000 at 999 (if such list existed).

2)   Armin Dethroned (no, not really)

Armin Van Buuren a.k.a the God of Trance/House/Progressive, father of all, is not number one this year. Whatever the reason is, Armin’s spot in the EDM world remains the same. The man himself concluded that he won the title 5 times and thinks that’s enough.

3)   Hardwell worked hard for it.

Hardwell took in #1 at no one’s surprise. At least not the top DJ’s, including Armin, Tiesto, and others. One notable factor in his rise from 5th last year to 1st this year is his performance at Tomorrowland.

4)   David Guetta is 5th and not 100

Why David Guetta keeps on making it in the top 5 for the past several years is a question that needs an answer. My answer is this, because the people who vote obviously don’t know club, house and trance, and anything electronic by a big name is considered good to them.

5)   DJ Mag Polls are very much affected by the activity of each DJ from the time of the release of the previous year’s polls until the votes get counted for the current year’s votes. That means if a legendary DJ like Carl Cox wasn’t very active, his rank will go down. And if someone like Avicci releases a catchy song that is more pop music than EDM, he will go up the rankings. That is because most people usually vote based on the tracks they like instead of the DJ.

6)   Some real talented Dj’s and duos to look for this year: Aly and Fila (20), Nicky Romero(7th), Above and Beyond(17th), Arty (57th), R3hab(58th), Omnia (48)

What are your thoughts on the TOP 100….Who would you vote as your top 3 ?????

I leave you with Hardwell’s awesome performance from Tomorrowland 2013.

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