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Old 37 and Interview with Paul Travers

old 37

Psyhco thrillers have be in high demand when it comes to horror films. But what ever happened to the good ol days, with a good slasher movie? Writer, producer and part director Paul Travers, brings  both the slash and the psyhco with bloody indie horror, Old 37.  The story of two brothers terrorizing their hometown, intercepting 911 calls, in an old beat up ambulance. Carrying an all star cast Kane HodderBill Mosley and Brandi Cyrus…. yes, Miley Cyrus’ older sister. Old 37 has won Best Film and Best Kill at Montreal ComicCon Horrofest and Best Feature at HorrorHound.

writer director paul travers

I got a chance to sit down with Paul Travers to speak on the film and updates. No one caught an axe to the neck during the interview… that I know of… You can find it just below.

B Roc – What are some of your hopes for Old 37? Paul Travers – Slashers never really go away, but they have peeks and valleys. Right now it’s a bit of a valley… I’ve been creating this film for like 10 years. And the trends and style of horror has definitely changed since then. My hope is that, this movie is like the comeback of the slashers. Add some depth to the slashers. A bit different from the slasher you know. A slasher with a twist!

B Roc – Who are some writers or directors in the Horror film industry that you like and why? Paul Travers – Rob Zombie! I really like his aesthetics… and his directing is amazing to watch. Toby Hooper is another writer I like. And there are a few other writers I like. @Old37movie

B Roc – Any upcoming ventures? Paul Travers –Yeah, and we’re excited about them all! We will be a part of the Bushwich Film Festival coming up in October. The Rock and Shock Convention… we will be there October 18th. The New York Independent Film Festival also going on this month, and Buffalo Dreams.

B Roc – What are some of your future plans? Paul Travers – I hope to fully direct my next project. It’s called Venus… It’s about these cool skateboarding chicks in California, that are also witches! And they have to battle with a church group and a witch doctor… Witches are like the new vampires! (laughs)

B Roc – What is something you want your fans to know? Paul Travers – The story of the main character, and myself have a connection. When I was in high school, I wasn’t one of the popular kids. I was busy listening to metal music and riding dirt bikes with my friends… was a bit of an outcast. When your’e young, and trying to find yourself, it’s hard to shake the pressures of acceptance. This girl was beautiful, smart, and on the right path. But she later goes in to transition, and doing everything she can to be cool and fit in. And the moral of the story is… just be yourself! If someone doesn’t accept you for who you are then screw them!!

For more info, be sure to check our their site

paul travers old 37

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