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one woman show

since the day you left

i still talk to you

through whispers or out loud

;in the car

;on the train

;walking home

;minutes before i go to sleep

to this day

i still imagine you

i imagine our dialogue

i play both our parts

i say everything i wanted you to say back then

i reply to you with no effort or sighs

endless conversations just the two of us

but what if you come back

i’ve forgotten your voice

i can’t picture your eyes anymore

your scent comes and goes

it all started to fade

you slowly started to disappear

how do i really talk to you

our conversations went wrong

i think of hundreds scenarios

;of beginning words if we were to reconnect

;of apology words that sound like iloveyou

;of last words if we were to truly part ways

in realization that i was speaking alone

it was easier when you were apart of my imagination

- vsv



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