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  • Samantha Dorado


Last summer, I started experiencing the Chicago nightlife. My parents are pretty strict, but they give me a lot of freedom, so they would allow me to go out here and there. Recently, I have indulged in this habit more now due to not having many exams or homework assignments, which allows more free time. Although going out does get expensive, being in my 20s is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially being in college. I keep my circle pretty small and always go out with the same group of girls or just in duos.

It has shown me not only how fun and exciting it is to sing and dance to your favorite songs with your besties but also how self-aware you have to be. Some people go with the wrong intentions, and it’s vital to be able to distinguish them and know how to set your boundaries.

Overall, it is a really great experience, and come fall, I will have a list of the places I enjoyed most.


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