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Pa Pa Power

Have you ever heard of Dead Man’s Bones? I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is no, but I’m sure that you’ve heard of Ryan Gosling! Dead Man’s Bones is a rock duo formed by the actor and his friend Zach Shields back in 2007 when the two realized that they shared a mutual interest in ghosts and monsters. The album, which is self-titled, has a very indie rock-alternative vibe with some notable blues influence.

I admit I was extremely surprised when I first heard their album. This is NOT the kind of music that one would typically expect from a Hollywood A-list actor-turned-singer.


The album has a very organic sound (Fun Fact: Ryan and Zach played all of the instruments on the album and each song was recorded within three takes!). A unique feature that this album has is that it features a children’s choir on majority of the tracks. This adds a chilling, almost haunted feel to the songs. Throughout their tour, the band featured a local children’s choir in each of their concerts at every city they performed at.

I think it’s really inspiring to see a well-established actor like Ryan Gosling continue to follow his dreams despite the possibility of rejection, ridicule, or failure. It reminds me of a quote he once said.

I’ve learned it’s important not to limit yourself. You can do whatever you really love to do, no matter what it is.” -Ryan Gosling

Whether you’re a fan of Ryan Gosling or not, I highly recommend that you take time to listen to his band! Check out two of his songs below! I promise you, it’s worth a listen! You can hear Zach’s voice on “Pa Pa Power” and Ryan’s on “My Body’s A Zombie For You”.


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