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As we all proably heard by now, 18 year old Racheal Canning is suing her parents after being kicked out of their home and being forced to pay her own college tuition. The younger Canning is utilizing a friend’s father -who is a lawyer- to aid in her fight for monthly payments, the paying of her remaining balance of high school tuition, and the paying of her college tuition and expenses.  Racheal Canning’s side of the story is a household with some verbal abuse from her mother and awkward advances by her father. What do you think? Do you think the Catholic high school senior is trying to use her poor  loving parents? Does it sound fishy that her home life was bad and yet she attends a private school and was an all-star athlete? Who do you think will win the case?

I understand that being 18 means freedom, the right to vote, the right to legally buy a pack of cigarettes, and the right to leave your parents house. I also understand that parents can be annoying, judgemental, and harsh as we are growing up. However, most parents do the things they do out of love for us as their children. I may not know what Racheal Canning’s home life was like, but I think she should be heard. This month, Canning’s claims to monetary help from her parents was denied by a New Jersey judge. The fight is not over for Canning who will appear in court next month to try again. I think it is important to remeber that for people coming from stable households and even unstable ones, I think in most cases parnets try to do their best with what they have and can give to us. I know if it were me, my mom would have slapped me silly!

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