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Pick Your Hobbies Wisely

Krish Bavana | Posted on November 01, 2019

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It’s always good to have different hobbies and interests opposite to your career, as those interests will help you understand yourself more and give you a better scope to grow in life.

My hobby was always watching movies, I’ve loved them from a young age. Now you might ask, how did movies help me grow in my career or outside my career? I started telling stories in seventh grade and fell in love with creating them in ninth grade. I always enjoyed creating characters and multiple scenarios for every situation.

After several years of writing short fictional stories, I slowly transformed myself into writing speeches, and that excited me even more. I always got a lot of chance to involve writing into my agenda, and write something at least once or twice a week, and that type of writing has indirectly helped me in many situations. Because of my writing, I have improved my imaginative skills, and those skills helped me while I was working on my fine art credits in high school.

However, writing wasn’t the only skill I picked up by watching movies. I started learning more about photography, videography and editing. Photography and videography have helped me get involved more in various programs in my school. I started both photography and videography from my freshman year but it wasn’t long before I realized that videography was not for me, and decided to take up photography as a hobby for all four years. I started as a regular photographer, but by senior year, I was awarded with the school’s outstanding media award.

Editing has helped me with explaining my projects more in detail. My hobby of watching movies has helped me throughout high school and made me achieve my goals as a leader and engineer. Choose a hobby that is opposite to your career, start exploring it more, and it is bound to help you in some way or another.


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