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Prioritizing Mental Health

As the weather gets cooler and the days get gloomier, it becomes easier to find yourself feeling down more often than usual. This concept of seasonal depression is very common, so know that you are definitely not alone. 

While it may feel like everything is going downhill, it is important to combat that in some way. Your future self will thank you. 

It never hurts to treat yourself. Take some time out of your day to do something that brings you joy. This could be reading a book, doing some yoga, or even partaking in your favorite comfort food. 

Repetitive days can be boring. Now is the perfect time to spice things up. Here are some ways to indulge in self care:

Take Breaks

Feeling overwhelmed is normal and completely human. Sometimes all a person needs is to take a break. This can be a little break in between studying or work, or even taking the day off to focus on your mental health. Breaks are much needed, especially when tasks seem harder to do than usual. Listen to your body and what it needs.

Read a Book

Books are a great way to escape reality. Picking up a book and entering a different realm can be exactly what your mind needs. Giving yourself a break from the real world can lessen the tension that you may have built up inside you.

Be Active

As cliché as it may sound, exercise is a great way to brighten up your mood. There are a plethora of reasons for this: from the release of endorphins to the increase of serotonin (happy hormones). Exercising can also build confidence so that you can feel better about yourself overall. 

Treat Yourself to Some Fun

Isolation may seem like the easy way out when you are feeling blue, but a great idea is to get out. Don’t pass up that opportunity to go to the mall with friends or the dinner date that has been proposed to you. Allowing yourself to be around positive people can shift your mood for the better.

Whether you use these suggestions or not, make sure you are doing something healthy to keep yourself going. A bad day does not mean you are destined for a bad life. Your mental health should be a top priority year-round. 


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