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I feel like I am always talking about friendships, but they are something I hold very deeply in my heart. As a Pisces, I am a very “sentimental” person. I often find myself reminiscing about memories and friendships from my past. More specifically, when I lose a friend most of the time, I don’t see us rekindling in the future. I know it sounds harsh, but I have been done dirty so many times by my so-called “ex friends" that I lose interest in putting in effort to revive a past friendship.

I had a friend—well,  we became best friends back in 2014. Once we went to high school, we faded a bit, and we did hang out a handful of times, but sometimes people outgrow each other. For a minute, I thought this had happened to us. Keep in mind that I never thought in a million years we wouldn’t be best friends. As time goes by, we find out we are going to the same college and try rekindling again. We hung out a couple times, but I felt like it was only me putting in the effort. I stopped trying, and they did reach out a couple times, making me feel like they did care.

Fast forward to now, and we are finally having a girls night out this weekend, and I am so excited because it is the first time I will go out with this person. It is so cool to see a friendship rekindling, especially with those you have never stopped caring about. I also like seeing the different phases of people and how they come out of their comfort zone.


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