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Today I’d just like to talk about my undying love for this wonderful artist, Regina Spektor.

regina spektor

I have been playing piano as a pastime since the first grade, and doing so has given me a greater appreciation of talented pianists in the world. I was first introduced to Regina Spektor by my aunt, who has a very broad taste in music. When she gave me one of Regina Spektor’s CD, I couldn’t stop listening. She has this incredible talent that engrossed me upon hearing the first song.

My favorite thing about Regina is that her music is very different from all the repetitive, mainstream music you hear every day. This is because it’s mainly just her and the piano (which she plays herself as she sings, may I add…this is a skill I have tried and failed miserably at), and occasionally a simple drum beat, or even a stringed instrument here and there. A great example of the simple Regina-and-piano combination is “Field Below”:

Another favorite of mine (and a popular song of Spektor fans) is “Samson”:

Her dazzling voice and excellent piano skills attract my attention every time, and I can’t help but just space out and wonder how someone can be so utterly talented and make such beautiful music.

Another thing I love about Regina Spektor is that she’s very dynamic and doesn’t have the same-sounding songs over and over. She also has more upbeat songs that are accompanied by more instruments and some background vocals. Some of my favorites of this kind include:

“Us” (which was featured on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack):

“Hotel Song”:

Regina Spektor is honestly one of my go-to artists whenever I’m happy, feeling down, trying to study/focus, or just need my usual Regina Spektor fix. And once I start listening, I can’t get enough.

Did you know she was also featured in a song with The Strokes? (which is also awesome, might I add).

Bottom line: my love for Regina Spektor is infinite and undying, and I have the utmost ReSpekt for her and everything she does. Check her out if you want to witness her awesome talents for yourself!


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