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Houston Texas has given us a lot of memorable things. From its Museums to Hilary and Haylie Duff to the completely peculiar Hip Hop rapper RiFF RAFF. Known as simultaneously both “the rap game James Franco” and “the rap game Patrick Ewing”. His style is from a ghostly hologram from the not so distant future. From the Myspace commercial featuring Chance the Rapper and Mac Miller, to him performing with Diplo at Ultra Music Festival, RiFF RAFF is clearly at this point, a neon icon.

JODY HiGHROLLER, which is another name he is known for, has put his work in by making over 100 music videos in 2012 – 2013. If you really think RiFF RAFF has no talent, you should hear him rap over his own beat. He completely murders three beats he’s never heard of and even his own.

Being able to get a chance to see him live is an experience that you won’t be able to pass. The last time he was here in Chicago I feared for my life as it was the end of the world (12/21/12)

RiFF RAFF plays at Concord Music Hall next Wednesday (4/16/14) alongside the insanely talented Grandtheft! Tickets are on sale right now at $19 for general admission!

Find out how to score some free tickets this Friday by listening in to at 8:00 PM to find out how to get these tickets!


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