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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Releases New Single “Cars in Space”

Photo Via Instagram @rollingblackoutscf

Australian indie rock band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have released a new single called “Cars in Space” alongside an accompanying music video directed by fellow Aussie, Julia Jacklyn. The video depicts a couple sitting in a car watching a drive-in style movie while engaged in a pretty perplexing back and forth. The band hasn’t released new music since their 7-inch record that features “In the Capital” and “Read My Mind” from last year, and their debut full-length album “Hope Downs” that came out in 2018. That being said, it’s exciting to hear something new from them.

Photo Via Instagram @rollingblackoutscf

The single is catchy and upbeat making it a perfect spring anthem to add to your playlist. They’ve steered away from some of the heavier, moodier material we’ve seen from them, like their 2017 EP “The French Press”. What I love about this band is that a lot of their writing speaks to current or just everyday human issues and envelops them in a cool and easy sound that somehow makes the chaos palatable. I’d say that it takes skill, and their tight yet groovy instrumentals in all the live footage I’ve seen prove that they’re certainly not lacking in that department.

Photo Via Instagram @rollingblackoutscf

The band has also announced some tour dates around Europe, and will be playing some major Australian music festivals as well as playing alongside Pixies at a couple of Australian shows. I’m a little peeved I haven’t seen any Chicago dates from them in forever, but this single could be an indicator that a new album is in the works and I’m hopeful that could mean a U.S tour coming soon.


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