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Sabrina Carpenter: The Singular Tour Experience

Posted on April 11, 2019

Sabrina Carpenter performing her song Paris.

Marcello AmbrizSabrina Carpenter singing her song Paris.

On March 18th, I found myself at the House of Blues Chicago awaiting the talented miss Sabrina Carpenter to welcome herself on stage. With Chicago being the 12th date in her over 20 day tour, I tried to stop myself from watching any videos beforehand. I truly wanted to experience the show as an outsider. Listen… Sabrina Carpenter has been an artist I have consistently kept up with since I was 13. I first encountered miss Sabrina when she was starring alongside Rowan Blanchard in Disney’s Girl Meets World. Since the shows finale in January of 2017, it has been a thrill to watch her grow as both an actress and musician. Considering I’m 18 now and that she’s only a year old than I am – it’s almost as if we’ve grown up together… in a non-weird way. She’s gone from releasing her debut album Eyes Wide Open in 2014 to her sophomore album EVOLution in 2016, to part one of her third album Singular, in 2018.

Maggie Lindemann performing.

Lane SmithMaggie Lindemann performing.

With Maggie Lindemann as her supporting act, the energy in the venue was nothing less than expected. It started off with literally EVERYONE in the venue dancing and singing along with the pre-show playlist. Even before Maggie came out, the crowd was already having a great time. The vibe only got better after miss Maggie came out and performed her set. I’m going to be honest. I only knew one Maggie Lindemann song before going to the show. It wasn’t that I didn’t know who she was. Her music just wasn’t something I often gratified towards. HOWEVER!!!! Maggie might’ve made a fan out of me. Her live vocals were absolutely killer, and although her stage presence and crowd interactment could have been better, she still presented a show good enough to make me go home and listen to her newest releases.

Maggie Lindemann Setlist

1. Human

2. Obsessed

3. Hostage (Billie Eilish Cover)

4. Would I

5. Friends Go

6. Pretty Girl

Courtesy of singularact1 on Instagram.

Courtesy of singularact1 on Instagram

After the short-lived break, it wasn’t long until Carpenter opened up with Almost Love – her first single from the Singular album. With only a week or so of planning the tour (Sabrina was busy filming her new movie, The Short History of the Long Road), I’ve got to say, her team and her did a PHENOMENAL job. The show started with red flashing strobe lights, which makes sense with the kind of song Almost Love is.

All throughout her set, Carpenter just seemed to be having a fun time. Her stage presence gives off the impression that she has a great relationship with her fans – which she does. Before performing prfct, Carpenter thanked her fans coming and for being the reason she’s able to write music in the first place. Maybe I cried a little. I don’t know (yes I do and yes I did). In my opinion, prfct is one her most crowd interactive songs from the whole tour. After thanking the crowd for all of their support, she starts the famous “aye aye aye aye aye” and “oh oh oh oh oh” chant. I’m not even kidding when I tell you I got CHILLS just hearing the crowd follow along.

Sabrina Carpenter performing.

Marcello Ambriz

Although I enjoy the mellow pop she carries in songs like prfct, it’s such an experience to watch her perform ballads like Diamonds Are Forever and All We Have is Love, along with full on pop bangers like Pushing 20 and Sue Me. Speaking of the latter, Sabrina’s choreography throughout her whole tour had me on the FLOOR. There’s no way around it. She’s a TOTAL pop star. That’s the thing about Sabrina Carpenter though; she’s been in the industry for so long that she’s become a pro at live shows. And not just live performances, but as an individual in general. She’s mentioned taking musical risks in Singular Act 1 & Act 2 which I think is a much needed step in growing as a musical artist.

Pulling herself away from the “Ex-Disney Act” persona, Sabrina Carpenter has developed an identity that makes her stand out in comparison to other artists. Her shows are just proof of that. Going to a Sabrina Carpenter show for the second time has been the experience of my life. You know that feeling of watching someone succeed after you’ve seen them work SO hard for SO long? Yeah, that’s the feeling I felt as I walked out of the House of Blues Chicago on March 18th. If you ever have the opportunity to see the actual princess of pop in concert, I encourage you to go. I promise you’ll walk out of there wishing you could start the day over and over. I know I do.

Sabrina Carpenter Setlist

1. Almost Love

2. Bad Time

3. Alien

4. Mona Lisa/Mona Lisa Cutdown

5. Diamonds Medley

6. Thumbs

7. On Purpose

8. Pushing 20

9. All We Have is Love

10. Why

11. prfct

12. Paris

13. Hold Tight

14. Sue Me

15. Exhale

Enjoy this Singular tour diary from the Chicago show!

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