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Sheri’s Spotlight: Reliably Bad’s Space Girl


8-piece funk, neo-soul band, Reliably Bad, is bringing a fresh perspective to the genre, one electrifying song at a time. Formed in 2018, the Greensboro, North Carolina based band specializes in composing innovative original tunes best enjoyed by a live audience. The band was founded with the intention of bringing danceable music to the college house scene in North Carolina. Yet, in the 3 years since its creation, Reliably Bad has established a signature sound that is all their own. 

After a steady stream of singles released over the past 3 years, the band’s debut album, Space Girl finally came out in early 2021. Clocking in at a little under 30 minutes, Space Girl is the perfect representation of all this wickedly talented group has to offer. From the groovy trumpets, saxophones, and trombones to the masterful keys, guitar, bass, and drums, to the lush female vocals at their helm, Space Girl provides a listening experience like no other. 

The album opens with the title track, “Space Girl”, an upbeat, harmonious tune that one can’t help but dance to. The album’s initial single, “Make It Out”, showcases Reliably Bad’s lighthearted and inspirational storytelling with lyrics like, “And say goodbye to those bad times/Cause I’ll make it out”. “Summer”, “Phone”, and “Tummy Butterflies” continue on to offer slower, more contemplative vibes as the album begins to reach its midpoint. 

The beginning of the album’s end is marked with a completely instrumental track, “Orange Tree”, that highlights the band’s percussionists. “Goodbye” serves as the second to last song on the album, and leans heavily into the band’s more R&B side. The sunny, lively, and my personal favorite, “All the Time”, rounds out the album. With heavy handed horns and breathtaking choral elements, “All the Time” closes Reliably Bad’s debut with a timeless funk classic. 

With thousands of monthly listeners and new live shows every week, Reliably Bad is making a name for themselves in all the right ways. This is just the start of a journey that I have no doubt will be absolutely glorious, so what are you waiting for? Get to listening.


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