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Which “Star” Matches Your Sign?

I’m a strong believer in the signs. Stop signs should be obeyed, the (rumored) return of the Jonas Brothers is a sign of the times, and has some great petitions you should sign. Then comes my favorite kind of sign: the signs of the zodiac. Honestly, I am in no way, shape, or form qualified to tell someone about their star sign but gosh, do I want to. So, today I’m going to tell you which celebrity is most similar to you based on your sign. This will be a Black artist edition so enjoy!


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You are most similar to Beyoncé Knowles-Carter! You are strong, beautiful, and

hardworking. You’ll be the one to dazzle everyone at your high school reunion (if

that’s still a thing) and the younger generation will look up to you. If you’re not at that

point yet, don’t fret because your talent will soon take you there.


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You are most similar to Janelle Monáe! You are inventive in everything you do

because things just come easily to your creative mind. You’re full of expression which

leads you to wear your heart on your sleeves. Never fear though, because your

happiness is contagious, and people will gravitate towards you to try to gain some of

that joy.


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You are most similar to Khalid! You are the sweetest, plain and simple. People rely on

you the most because you are such a good listener and full of honest advice. You are

well-balanced, meaning, you tend to have most things under control at some point or

another. Even if you don’t you still have that easy-going “go with the flow” personality

that will bail you out of most situations.


Getty Images

You are most similar to Chance the Rapper! Determined? Check. Good organization

skills? Check. Know how to lead? Check. You’ve got all this and more within your

skill set. You are a force to be reckoned with till you reach your goals. On top

of all that, you’ve got the “it” factor that helps people understand and want to

follow you and follow you they will.

*For those that don’t yet know their zodiac sign, here’s to you:

Aries ~March 21st -April 19th~

Taurus ~April 20th -May 20th~

Gemini ~May 21st -June 20th~

Cancer ~June 21st -July 22nd~

Leo ~July 23rd – August 22nd~

Virgo ~August 23rd -September 22nd~

Libra ~September 23rd -October 22nd~

Scorpio ~October 23rd -November 21st~

Sagittarius ~November 22nd -December 21st~

Capricorn ~December 22nd -January 19th~

Aquarius ~January 20th -February 18th~

Pisces ~February 19th – March 20th~

(Pulled from Astro Style website.)


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