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Sisi Dior – 4 Chi City Recap

Recently on 4 CHI CITY RADIO, Chi city femcee Sisi Dior came through with new music and latest on updates. Here’s a recap of her interview.

SiSi (March 2014) 10photos-4

Name your top five favorite artists?

Michel Jackson – MJ because he was an innovator! He changed the game with his music, music videos, concerts, records, and etc.! One of the most entertaining artists this world has ever seen!

Lady Gaga – She inspires me to be myself & do what I want no matter what people think. She is the reason why I have a Pop side… she is an incredible writer.

Kanye West – West inspired me, when no other artist from Chicago did. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, and he is one of the most stylish producer/emcees out! Def one of my favorite artists, his creativity is out of this world!

Tupac – I grew up listening to PAC… the way he delivers his rhymes, nobody till this day can emulate! He will forever be a Legend! He’s like a prophet, and it’s almost eerie how you can listen to one of his songs today & still relate he’s definitely my fav.

Paramore – When I feel like rocking out I turn on Paramore. Haley Williams voice is amazing and her energy on stage when they perform is insane!! Love them!

Missy Elliot – I grew up listening to Missy, she showed me that I DIDN’T have to take my clothes off for album sales. Her writing skills are amazing she is a high energy entertainer & most of all she wasn’t afraid to be herself I def look up to her.

What inspired me to become a Hip Hop artist?

I always loved music as a child. When I was in church, I was more interested in the music than the preacher… as bad as that sounds. I was raised in an era where MTV actually played music, and I used to be glued to the TV. While everyone else was outside playing like normal kids.

Tell us about one of your biggest accomplishments as an artist? Or most memorable moment.

Biggest accomplishment I would have to say is going to perform at big music festivals like SXSW & A3C.  Getting a feature with Speaker Knockerz before he passed, our song Flexin has over 200,000 plays on souncloud alone & more on YouTube.

What is something you want people to know about you as an artist?

As an artist, I do everything on my own… I push myself, I write my own music, excutive produce my own projects, I’m mulit faceted. I do everything from Hip Hop, Bop, Pop, Rock etc… I’m one of the few artists who have a official Feature from Speaker Knockerz that’s actually doing numbers.

What do you hate & what do you love about Chicago?

What I hate about Chicago is… there’s too much hatred! Everybody wanna get over on one another, instead of helpign to create a movement like other cities. It’s too much finessing and too much violence we can’t have a good time without somebody getting shot it’s sad.

What I love about Chicago is that we have one of the most beautiful cities in the world! It’s a cool side of the city that some people don’t know about and artists like myself, are here to expose it.

@SiSiDior IG @sisi_dior

Thanks for ROCKIN wit me!!! @ Roc4Chi_City IG @rockwitb_roc @4chi_cityradio Log on to Sunday nights 6-8pm  4 Chi City Radio Hosted by B Roc


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