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Something To Look Forward To

Having something to look forward to can change your mood. Some days, it is much harder to get out of bed; I used to hate going to school because part of my source of happiness was coming from elsewhere, but now school serves as a distraction.

School helps me socialize with friends and genuinely pay attention. Planning outings with friends at the end of the week always boosts my mood. It serves as another distraction: what outfit do I pick, how am I getting there, what time are we meeting up?

Distractions are so important, and they are also not used in a way where you forget whatever it is you are going through, but they help you ground yourself and understand the meaning of life for at least one night. Experiences make someone a well-rounded person. Having stories to tell, happy or sad. It is okay to be upset and to grieve, but it is okay to move on and enjoy the little things in life.

Moving on doesn’t mean meeting someone new, but meeting the new and improved you. Some people really can't see our worth, and that's okay. Having something to look forward to can help your bed rotting or your depression for just a moment. A moment that can help you find peace within your thoughts and your internal battles.


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