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Spring Into Style!

It can be tough deciding what looks to sport during the spring season in Chicago because our weather is never consistent! Below are some key items to keep you cozy, warm, and stylish this spring.

Jean Jackets

I believe jean jackets are a must-have clothing item in your spring collection. This item can be paired with just about anything in your closet. Many people dislike pairing denim-on-denim, but I personally believe that it’s acceptable. 


The next thing to add to your list of spring essentials is a windbreaker. I believe windbreakers allow us to experience the perfect balance of fresh air while keeping us warm during the chilly days.

Pastel-Colored Nails

Personally, I love pastel colors throughout the entire year. Although I can wear pastel every day, it’s especially great to sport during the spring season. I wonder if that’s the reason Easter eggs are pastel colors.

Bright Makeup Looks

You’ll need bright-eye looks to complete your stylish ideas. Throughout the spring season, it’s definitely great to use bright orange and yellow colors on your eye-lids. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a lip color to match these looks. I would suggest incorporating a nude shade, or a simple clear gloss.


Accessories like visors, baseball caps, and bucket hats are the key to surviving the transition from winter to spring, and leading into the summer. My favorite accessories out of those three options are baseball caps. I especially love baseball caps because they bring a lot of comfort during the sunny days while looking stylish. Many people feel that dressy looks are essential for spring, but it can be difficult in Chicago due to the inconsistent weather changes.

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