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Stream Alt-J’s New Album ‘This Is All Yours’ Now!

Alt-J’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, titled ‘This Is All Yours,’ is now available for streaming for free on iTunes Radio.

With the success of the band’s first album ‘An Awesome Wave,’ fans of Alt-J could not help but wonder when they would release their next album. Thankfully, the full release will finally be this upcoming Tuesday, September 23.

Singles for this album include “Hunger Of The Pine,” a very dystopian, Hunger Games-esque song and music video. Shortly following was “Left Hand Free,” and “Every Other Freckle.” These songs alone prove Alt-J are dynamic with their sound, and listening to the whole work of art itself is exactly what every Alt-J fan needs.

Be sure to listen to ‘This Is All Yours’ for free on iTunes Radio now! Do you like the direction Alt-J has taken with their music? Listen and decide for yourself, then comment and let me know what you think about it!



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