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Talks With Toria: Keeping Your Relationship Alive In The Cold — 5 Tips

Did you and your partner have an exciting summer full of adventures and activities? Summer truly makes it easy to date; whether it’s going to the beach, going on walks, watching sunsets, being outside or enjoying nature. Summer is the best, but BURR-WITH-ME winter is coming… UGH! Winter just sucks. It can bring on inconveniences, lack of motivation, boringness and can put an unfortunate strain on your relationship. I’m here to help you and your partner keep your relationship alive during these cold months. I am going to show you, with my 5 tips, that winter does not completely suck and you can keep your relationship alive!  

1.♡Compliment your partner♡

Remember to compliment your partner! Complimenting your partner once a day will make them feel special and go a long way. Compliments come in all shapes and sizes. You can give your partner intellectual, personality and appearance based compliments. Make your compliments specific and not basic. For example, “Your eyes are beautiful,” “You are so smart and creative,” “You have the ability to do anything you want,”  “I love how you make me laugh.”

2. ♡Let your creativity brew♡

We’ve all heard this: “There’s nothing to do during Winter.” This is wrong!! There are plenty of things you can do, but you need the creativity to do it. Plan exciting activities and dates like playing games, making dinner, watching movies, going to an arcade, working out together, exploring the city, going out on double dates with friends, planning a day trip to a close city (like Lake Geneva) and much more. 

3. ♡Call your partner♡

If you have a long distance relationship, call your partner!! Random phone calls can make their day 10x better. Show your partner you are thinking about them and care about their day with a quick call! Carve out the time for a FaceTime date. FaceTime dates can be as simple as having meaningful conversations with each other, or you can jazz them up and make a FaceTime dinner date. Cook together on FaceTime and then eat together like you are sitting at the same table. 

4. ♡Express your partner’s love language to them♡

Sometimes we forget that everyone has a different love language. When you are in a relationship it is important to express your partner’s love language to them (even if it isn’t really the same as yours). This is important because it will keep your relationship feeling special and lively. This will help your partner feel the love!

5. ♡Snow Adventure♡

Snow is another cycle of nature and it is beautiful! Go on a walk when it’s snowing — it’s romantic and exciting! One of my favorite memories with my boyfriend is when it was a full moon and snowing late at night last December. We went outside for a snow-walk! The beautiful snowflakes were reflecting from the moon and it was magical! That being said, there are other snow adventures to do such as sledding, ice skating, checking out Christmas lights and going to Christmas festivals. Bundle up and go outside — once you’re moving and enjoying the moment the cold dwindles away. 

These tips are way more simple than you might think. It takes creativity to get out of the winter slump, but once you start using these tips I can guarantee you your relationship will not get boring after the summer high. People want to feel warmed and loved when committed to a partner and what better time to do this than winter?! 


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