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That New New


November: a period of time when all sun-toned leaves end up on the ground, we start packing on the layers, some people stop shaving, and we start to see turkeys and cornucopias every where. It also is the last month of Autumn.

As this cozy season is ending, I wanted to start my opening month as a official blogger with a focus on the concept of new. My weekly posts for November will be interviews with fresh faced creatives or first time events. From internet-aesthetic art shows to learning about a cosmetic craft, I’ll be coming at you with alternative, current posts.

But since this month has just begun, I’m currently setting those interviews and sorting out plans. For now,here are three new things that I have discovered in the past week.

1. Ridin Round- Kali Uchis FT. Tory Lanez (Oshi Remix)

Thanks to my friend Clara, I started getting into Kali Uchis over the summer. After a hearing a quick snippet of Uchi’s “Loner,” I showed her the song and, being a music producer, she already knew about her album. She introduced me to the soulful, poppy R&B “Ridin Round” and it got a place on my summer sixteen playlist. Fast forward to fall, I had Kali’s Soundcloud on a endless run when this gem comes on. Oshi’s remix churns the single into a super cute flavor with hard trap undertones. This beat would’ve been more appropriate in the eighty degrees with a slight breeze, but I’m still blasting this as I chill in the fifties.

2. Joan Cornellà

(Warning: Slight blood)

Until Joan Cornellà, I haven’t seen an illustrator as impactful and unlike any other since Banksy. Last Thursday night I had the satisfaction of turning in my last midterm on Blackboard. It was 2AM, I had no school the next day, so naturally I turned on Solange’s magnificent album, A Seat at The Table, and started scrolling through an art blog on Tumblr. There I found  Cornellà’s Gangsta Grandma, which highlights police brutality and racism. The illustrator’s theme is definitely bright in visuals, yet definitely dark in topics and philosophies. His absurdist, surrealist comics and animations are a reflection of today’s societal norms, pressures, and issues. His work is certainly becoming iconic.

3. bopNgrill

2016-11-01 10.02.58 1.jpg

Last Friday night I ventured to The New 400 Theater’s annual Scarefest to view Takashi Shimizu’s The Grudge. Sweating while you scream your head off can burn calories – not that I did any of those things – and my group were hungry for munchies. It was my second time attending the event, but it was only this year that I noticed bopNgrill a block away. The Korean and pub-food place features “Bop Plates,” meal sets where the customer can choose a main dish that will be accompanied by rice, salad, and kimchi, and signature or customizable burgers. Being a progressing vegan, I ordered a tofu and kimchi Bop Plate with a request to use vegetable oil to sauté the kimchi. The serving was huge and the flavor had a great impact as well. The tofu was a savory umami, kimchi provided a crisp tang, and the sides were great pallet mellowers. If you are around Loyola campus or off the CTA Belmont stop, I would highly recommend giving this fusion restaurant a try!

Next Wednesday look out for the first of five in my November New series!



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