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The 2005 Edition of Noteworthy


Greetings everyone. This is Ivan from Noteworthy once again to let you know what I’ve got in store for the show. This upcoming Monday, from 6:00-8:00 (which you can listen to live right here at, I’ll be going ten years into the past to play nothing but songs from 2005. It’s something I do every year where in the fall, I put together a Noteworthy where I go back a decade and in the spring, I turn the clock back even further to twenty years. While I can’t cover everything in two hours, you can definitely expect some huge hits from back in the day along with choice cuts from albums that were considered among the best.

While 2005 will have its place in history as the year that YouTube began and Tom Cruise physically assaulted Oprah’s couch, there was still a ton of memorable music being released. I’ve even started reminiscing on my Facebook page about some of the great singles we were blessed with, but I’d like to take the time right now to share my top five favorite albums from that year:

#5 Sufjan Stevens – Illinois

While Sufjan never made good on his promise to record fifty albums centered around each of the states, at least the Land Of Lincoln got its own tribute in delicately lush and well-researched fashion.

#4 M.I.A. – Arular

The unique vision of M.I.A.’s debut combined dancehall, electro, hip hop and favela into an effort that was as politically-conscious as it was dance floor-ready.

#3 The Go! Team – Lightning, Thunder, Strike

The cut-and-paste antics of this sample-obsessed British group are still giddy and delirious to this day, kitchen sink and all.

#2 Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine

As raw and emotional as Apple can get, the arrangements rarely fell below sophisticated while still packing a gut punch.

#1 Kanye West – Late Registration

Along with co-producer Jon Brion, West crafted one of the most expansive albums in hip hop history. Few artists in any genre could rival it both creatively and in mainstream appeal in 2005.

To find out what I’ll try to squeeze in for this Monday’s show, don’t forget to listen from 6:00-8:00 at or download the Live365 app!

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