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The Aces: Bringing Girl Power Into The Indie-Pop Music Scene

Posted on March 15, 2019

The Aces

On March 11, the all-girl indie-pop band, The Aces, made their way to Chicago’s Lincoln Hall on their Waiting For You Tour. The Aces, consisting of four talented artists — lead vocalist and guitarist Cristal Ramirez, guitarist Katie Hendersen, bassist Mckenna Petty, and drummer Alisa Ramirez — proved themselves to be absolute rockstars.

Going into the night, I did not know too much about The Aces or what to expect from their show, but by the end of it, I was a certified stan.

Waiting For You Tour – Tishmal and The Aces


The show opened up with up-and-coming pop singer, Tishmal, also known as, Rachel Brockbank.

Tishmal, whose stage-name means hummingbird in Luiseño, served the crowd with fierce vocals and a dynamic stage presence.

The Native American singer set the tone of girl power for the night.

With her brooding pop sound and meaningful lyrics, Tishmal was definitely an artist to remember, and someone who I can see blowing up in the music scene in the near future.

The Aces: Bringing Girl Power Into The Indie-Pop Music Scene

The Aces

As The Aces appeared onstage, the night kicked off with Put It on the Line.I thought that you were family / you’re not speakin’ to me / I put it on the line for you,” the girls effortlessly sang as their fans chanted the words back to them.

The four Utah hailing girls were all dressed in 70’s inspired fashion that suited well with their summery vibe.

Katie and McKenna commanded the front corners of the stage while Alisa covered the back. Cristal held a charming stage presence, while all four of the girls kept up a solid interaction with the crowd.

The Aces: Bringing Girl Power Into The Indie-Pop Music Scene

The Aces

The Aces played a total of 16 songs, all which were upbeat anthems with one slower track, Hurricane. “Wish I loved you like it’s yesterday, yesterday / Before our love became a hurricane, hurricane / I hoped you would wish that I was happy too.”

Full setlist:

1. Put It on the Line 9. Just Like That

2. Stay 10. Last One

3. Bad Love 11. Volcanic Love

4. Touch 12. Physical

5. Lovin’ Is Bible 13. Fake Nice

6. Holiday 14. Waiting for You

7. Strong Enough 15. Hurricane

8. Baby Who 16. Stuck

The Aces: Bringing Girl Power Into The Indie-Pop Music Scene


When transitioning into their performance of Volcanic Love, the girls agreed that this was the one song that truly sums up who The Aces are and what they are about.

The song goes: “Out of the darkness I sparked a match that set the fire / Hear the wind talking / It’s stirring up my bad desires,” “You’re burning me up / I know you need it now / Lo-o-o-ove, volcanic lo-o-ove.”

I would agree that this track really does represent The Aces. It highlights their shimmering indie-pop sound while also serving their lyrical edge.

Volcanic Love also does its job at summarizing their entire debut album’s (When My Heart Felt Volcanic) glitzy summer aesthetic that was being promoted on this tour.

The Aces: Bringing Girl Power Into The Indie-Pop Music Scene


After spending a night with The Aces, the best way to describe their sound and attitude is: feel-good. Feel-good music made by four feel-good musicians with immense girl power.

It was beyond refreshing to see and hear a strong and authentic all-girl band who demonstrates purpose, control, and confidence within their music.

Their breezy charm and down-to-earth coolness makes them the perfect band to blast on the stereo and sing along with.

I strongly recommend everyone gives The Aces a listen and go catch them on tour if you can.


My name is Tara and I put out articles for UIC Radio on whatever day I can. I’m a media communication and professional writing major at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I host a pop music show, PopTara, on UIC Radio every Wednesday from 8:30pm-10:30pm. If you want to keep up with my saucy life you can follow me here:

twitter – @phemebot

music instagram – @lyricsbytara

personal instagram@tarapheme

facebook – @PopTara



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