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The Aftermath Of Thanksgiving

No matter how you choose to celebrate, or not celebrate, the last Thursday of November the aftermath is a bit similar.

1. Almost immediately, as if we weren’t already obsessed with Christmas during November, the excitement of Christmas sets in while people sit around the dining table. “What stores are we going to go shop at after we eat?” Some may even have an early dinner so that they could go wait in line outside of Target, or Best Buy for black Friday.


2. Slowly piles of dishes accumulate in the kitchen sink, on the table or on the stove after everyone eats their first, and second plate and dessert. The plates we all know we’ve walked by and ignored.


3. Realizing that everyone is done eating so now the awkward, “y el novio?” “Where’s the boyfriend/girlfriend?” questions are going to start being asked by every family member.

Yes, I’m really single, I’m not lying.

Yes, I have a boyfriend, no I will not bring him, he’s with his family.

No, you can’t meet him/her.

4. Realizing that you got all dressed up: makeup done, hair done, new outfit, new shoes just to stand around the kitchen or sit in the living room with your family. I say we start making sweatpants and a sweater a thing so we can eat comfortably like Joey.


5. And of course the dreaded, “How’s school?” Then you remember you have papers due soon and anxiety sets in which leads to the last aftermath of Thanksgiving, and suddenly you’re sitting around the table like this…


6. The lingering feeling of wanting to hibernate until April. The cold is coming, and lately in Chicago it hasn’t felt like November but let’s not forget soon it’ll snow, it’ll be below zero like it is every year. All I want to do is watch Netflix until the question “Are you still watching?” pops up, fall asleep wearing my zebra onesie under a cozy blanket and stuff my face with junk food for months.


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