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The Anime Starter Package for Your Spring Break

In order to make this list universal, I will break it down into three types of anime you can enjoy during the upcoming break.

Note: I’m a sucker for comedies so most of this list will be comedy animes. 

  1. You’re lonely, you may want a boyfriend or girlfriend (but not really), and you want a good laugh. 

“Kaguya-sama: Love is War” – 12 episodes (2019)

This anime revolves around the genius (but low-key idiotic) couple, Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya. The two clearly have feelings for each other; however, both have extremely high egos. Hence, throughout the series, the two characters fight against each other to see who would confess first. Not only is this anime remarkably hilarious with the mental fights and interesting side characters, but it also makes you want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend without making you feel awful about not having one. This anime will make you want to have a good laugh about love. 

  1. You like sports-related content, a clear plot, and pretty boys. 

“Haikyuu!!” (2014-2020) 

The story tells the journey of Shoyo Hinata pursuing his dream despite his short height. Hinata was inspired by the famous player “Little Giant.” Despite his height, “Little Giant” was the ace of Karasuno’s team and helped the team to enter the National Volleyball Contest. Along with Hinata’s story, Tobio Kageyama, a genius that everyone calls “King of the Court,” becomes both Hinata’s rival and his best teammate. The series is full of inspiring messages and funny moments as one of the best contemporary sport-animes. It wins every anime lover’s heart by having awesome character developments and clean animated scenes. You will definitely enjoy this even if you’re not into volleyball or any other sports. 

  1. You like a psychological and thrilling story with plot twists at every moment. 

“Mirai Nikki” (2011-2013)

The series is about Amano Yukiteru who accidentally gets involved in a game of survival and the prize for this game is being God of time and space. The game is monitored through a diary on a mobile phone and every minute the diary will receive an update of the owner’s future. Yukiteru has to compete against 11 other diary holders who basically have to either kill the opponent or break the opponent’s phone. Once the phone is broken, the diary holder dies. The whole series is very intense and violent. After you finish this series, it will leave you with complicated thoughts about humanity. I would say this contains the least comedic element but the plot makes it worth including in the list.


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