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The art of Celebrating the Mundane

In the shadow of President Biden’s inauguration, many people, myself included, find themselves on shaky ground. While things are looking up, it seems as though we still have many more mountains to climb in the fight against fascism in this country, let alone around the world. Climbing mountains is no easy feat. Feet get blistered, muscles ache and cramp, and worst of all, our heads get clouded, and seldom can we see the beauty that lay around us. Finding beauty in the everyday aspects of our lives is what keeps us going up the mountain without falling apart ourselves. Allow me to offer everyone a moment to clear our heads, stretch our muscles, and take in those views:

Edwin Perez-Hernandez is a 19-year old photographer attending Northern Illinois University. His photographs brought me joy because I saw bits of the familiar represented in them. I’m no artistic expert, but what I appreciate about Perez-Hernandez’s art is the way he captures the mundane in a celebratory way. When I say mundane, I simply mean that he captures moments and places that evoke emotions so commonplace that we don’t normally think much of them, like the small jolt of excitement you feel when you see the twinkling lights of your favorite convenience store or the peaceful sigh you let out when you’re all alone. “I would describe myself as just a regular guy”, Perez-Hernandez said while describing his work, “I believe there is beauty in every corner and angle, you just have to find it if not create it.”

“Nostalgia” Oct. 25 2020

“Nostalgia” Oct. 25 2020

“Solitude” Dec. 25 2020

“Solitude” Dec. 25 2020

These photographs are only a small sample of the wealth of art Edwin has created for our consumption. It’s with these photographs in mind that I hope that you dear readers continue to climb the mountain and celebrate the mundane, the common, and the beautiful.

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