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The Best in the Mid-WEST

The Chicago Reader is asking YOU for the best of our beloved city Chicago. Take a moment to support local Chicago everything from Best Shoe Store to Best Dentist! It’s simple, no login is required, and you can vote for any categories you’d like. Don’t have a favorite florist? No worries, skip it and go to what really matters–the music (and food)! 

Here are a couple of my picks:

Drum DJ, DJ Mr. West! I had the chance to interview him a few weeks ago, you can check his story out here. His humble beginnings and drive to succeed are impressive, but I’ll let you be the judge…but first VOTE! VOTE FOR DJ MR. WEST!

Best burger would hands down go to Kuma’s Corner! The heavy-metal band names don’t scare me–the burgers are amazing (not to mention, the size of your head) VOTE KUMA’S!

My pick for best Greek Restaurant (random I know) is Greek Islands! The saganaki cheese is on fire-literally. I primarily go for that and the theatrical OPA! that comes with your order.

Those are my two cents for Best of Chicago. SO, Vote. The categories are specifically catered for every lovely feature our city has to offer.

Help the Reader find the real best of the mid-west–who better to show off the best city than us?

You have until MAY 22, 2013.



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