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The Garden

I know this is finals week but that just makes this the perfect time to discover new music. Tunes while I’m studying keep me sane.

This is an Orange County, California duo called The Garden and I saw them Friday night at the Burger Records Showcase at The Empty Bottle. It was my last show in Chicago and possibly the best one yet. The Garden put on the most entertaining and talented set I’ve seen in a long time and I had the privilege to meet them after the show. These kids have managed to be extremely unique and strange while playing seemingly simple but technically advanced post-punk experimental garage lo-fi. The funny thing is, as I was watching them play their set and thinking how I would describe their musical genre, I found myself frustrated that I was even trying to fit them into a category. Labels and narrow constructs can be misleading so just listen and explore this new band for yourself.

Watching this kid play the drums was a privilege. Luckily, he also played for the Cosmonauts which gave us a little more of his avante-garde performance. 

Once again, I know this is finals week but I always hope that my fellow students aren’t getting too caught up in studying and preparing for a 45 minute exam that means a whole lot less to the real world than it may seem inside the college bubble. Make sure you are still having fun and experiencing college cause these times will never happen again. As I type this I am nursing a hangover, studying for an IDS exam, and listening to a bunch of new music. Whatever happens in those classrooms full of unprepared kids this week shouldn’t effect your ability to party like crazy once the sun goes down. Let’s have a good time!!! And congrats 2013 grads!

Rando-photos after the jump – Nick Mosca



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