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The Monstrosity That is Wattpad

When I was in middle school, this website known for its *spicy* stories was getting popular called Wattpad (I'm sure plenty of you are familiar with it). Well, during that time, I used to write what I'd call "trash poetry," which essentially meant that it was barely poetry; the only thing it had was poetic structure, and even that is questionable. Well, I thought I'd pick one that was school-appropriate and upload it here so everyone can see what I mean. I hope you enjoy it. :)


Alright, so im sick

and it feels like I wanna die

but im not gonna

cause that would make people cry

I lay in bed all day

just lost in my thoughts

no one knows what to say,

"I'm sorry"

Sorry for what?

Why are you sorry that my body can't fight off an infection?

It has nothing to do with you.

So stop telling me lies,

Stop apologizing,

Because its just me,

and my sickness,

- Me circa 2017


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