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The Objectivity Of Music

One of the most bizarre phenomena in today’s culture is the undying need to be “correct” about what music is tasteful and what isn’t.

Like all types of art, there will always be questioning and critique, but there will never be an actual grading scale to quantify what is actually “good music.” There is a way to assess what music leaves a cultural impact or what will be remembered by looking at charts.

This is the closest thing we have to a “grading” system based on music's sheer popularity. A large majority of music lovers, however, will tell you that these charts are not an accurate representation of people's listening habits. When looking at media platforms and fan culture, charts are one of the main components that people use to compare one artist to another and to somehow prove their superiority.

However, the exact opposite logic is applied in other genres besides pop. Songs that are trendy or loved by the majority are looked down upon, while more underground songs are seen as special or unique. In this way, the lesser-known songs are given more merit or value.

When considering all of the various forms of music genres, and the different ways in which people consume music, it is difficult to think that all music can be compared and ranked at the same level. 


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