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The Pop Opera Star, Courtney Love?

I’ve always found that musicians can never stick to just one pastime. It seems artists always want to explore different areas of creativity in their lives. If you know a musician, you know that one instrument is never enough, one song is never enough, and – in this case – one stage is not enough. Courtney Love surprised her fans earlier this month by stepping from one stage to another as she grasped a role in an opera. Yes, that’s right. The Hole front-woman is taking on the big stage in the role of Athena in Kansas City Choir Boy by Todd Almond. Here Courtney sings “All I Ever Wanted” from the pop opera.

We see Love showing great emotion in this recording of the song as I’m sure she showed in the live performance.

Courtney Love is best known for her lead role in the alternative-rock band Hole and of course her marriage to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.

Love is no stranger to the heartbreak of life and that is why I find this move on her part to the role in the pop opera scene not too surprising. I should explain that the opera is about a teenage girl who moves to New York and leaves her love behind. Athena (Love) quickly becomes entranced by the city and its splendor. The pop opera debuted on January 8th. We have yet to see if this opera will be seen again. And hopefully when it is, it’s in Chicago.


For more information on the opera and Almond’s work, check out this site:

Almond told New York Times about Love’s casting in the pop opera, “I love her voice, and I think she’s a great actress. And I thought she would find the character interesting.” I think we agree with Almond on that one. She definitely seems like the right choice because of all the hype the opera has received because of her role. I look forward to hearing more about he opera and more from Courtney Love. And according to Rollingstone we may not have heard the last from Love’s be”love”ed band, Hole. Now isn’t that just icing on the cake? Yes. Yes it is. Thanks, Love.

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