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The Return of the Cypher

Standing on a corner or a stoop there was a group of guys. One of them provided the sound by beatboxing and the others took turns rapping about various subjects. This was the cypher, a freestyle art that is still relevant and popular in various circles except the radio. Think about BET Tha Bassment with Big Tigger in the booth. Think about this I had a nostalgic moment and I wanted to have that feeling back so why not bring it to the air waves……..The dream became reality

August 23rd at 2pm was the day history was made because after 2:30 on Tha Underground Radio show we had various artist bring their A game for the next 90 minutes. Yes thats right a freestyle session for over an hour. We had some well known local talent in the building that day. Here are a few and what they have done:

We had YK/YQ camp in the build which is Young Kings/Young Queens and it consist of Austin Fillmore, Kid Ro, Jodi Breeze and a few others.

Austin Fillmore has been all over the Midwest with is music. His energy he gives to the crowd and puts in his music is absolutely amazing. He recently released his second mixtape titles “Sinful Nature” with the lead single being his smash “Trust In Me”.

Kid Ro is working on the release of his mixtape “The Goldtape” which should be available in the next few weeks. He has a few singles out now off of the mixtape with his biggest single so far being the hit “Dark Shades”.

We also had Jodi Breeze also known as No Sleep Breeze or Big Fella with his playful wordplay that has some comedy in it. His flow actually puts you in the mind of Ludacris with the punchlines. He recently dropped a single “Round 1”.

We had Chise Up in the building which consist of Daws Lotto, Classic & Mac Millie. They have been all over as well and bring a great sense of hip hop back to the game. Although they are a group they do have individual projects as well

Daws Lotto has released a few solo joints which one was featured on their last mixtape “HD Too”. The track is called “Determine My Cool”

Mac Millie was an individual and had a relationship with Chise Up members already and later became a member of the crew and they had a track together on the “HD Too” album as well called “Who Can I Trust”.

The next crew was Pladboy Entertainment and they had the biggest crew in the studio that day. Whoa Boi, Tony Gramz, Propane, Faceless, Eric Stacks came to represent.

Whoa Boi was been in the game for a few years now and has made a big impression on most that he encounters. He was won various competitions and is now looking to push himself as well as the label and crew to the next level. He recently dropped a single “I’m The Man”.

Tony Gramz has been making his own waves and he release his mixtape “Tony’s World” earlier this year and is currently working on a new project yet to be titled.

Leoski D has been In Da Streets for quite some time and had been doing it all over the city from music to movies to TV. He came through and blessed the mic with his gritty streets style. He is releasing his mixtape next week titled “City of Da Savage”. One of the singles is a song with another Chicago Artist King Louie titled “Champion”.

Mr. I.T. aka Mr. International came through to represent Ezy Wrk and he held it down with his rapid fire flow. He is working on his mixtape and he is currently promoting the single  “Chick-Fil-A”.

P1 is a rapper that can tell a story and mack to a chick on the same track but he is also a dj, producer and a manager of his own career. He recently had an album release party the album “Vintage PHE”.

We has music provided by DJ Flash and he keep the room going with his song selection. It was an awesome time and it was one for the books.

Look for new segments, informative interviews and one of the funnest shows on the air. Every Sunday from 2-4pm only on UIC Radio “Where Music and Culture Ignite”


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