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The So So Glos – ‘Son of an American’


Not only do The So So Glos record and release their own music, they helped establish various DIY/house venues in Brooklyn so that punks of all ages can see bands perform.  These old school punk ethics are evident in their music.  In their recent release “Son of an American”, they deliver a fast paced blast of nostalgia.  The single is from their new record Blowout, out April 23rd on Shea Stadium Records.

The video presents a compilation of nostalgic clips of the band’s past: pee wee baseball games, acid-washed denim, potty training, ninja turtles.  It also features clips of their live performances: mosh pits, heavy crowds, touring.  It also includes footage from The Chris Gethard Show. The particularly special moments are when the band members are just a bunch of kids playing in a band, at times so young they can hardly hold up their instruments.

The So So Glos will be in Chicago on March 9th at the Empty Bottle. Check them out before their album drops this spring!

-Jelly Ramone


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