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They Said I Have to Post a Blog

Mental Diarrhea

I can’t seem to shut up. I don’t know what to do anymore. The voice inside my head is part of me right? I’m pretty sure, yea. I need to shut up. It doesn’t sound right though; when the voice inside my head is me, but I say I need to shut up. I’m always tempted to say ‘he’ needs to shut up. When I say I need to shut up, the voice that’s writing this starts to stop. Then I’m like wait, if I need to write this, I can’t shut up. The voice in my head is me though, right? This one, is making words. This one? I’m. I’m making words. These ones are coherent, they make sense when put together in sentences. But I’m also not making any sense at all. Pancakes, apples, cranberry cream cheese. There’s no roof for a pumpkin pie family if you decide you’re from the moon. The last time I had a good time there was no more pirate wine. The babies made sure your dinner was collected and distributed to the nunchuck labor union  society of giving a damn about things. What the duck was that? I don’t know if I can swear in these things. However, swearing is offensive for dumb reasons. Isn’t the nonsense listed above more offensive then a swear? I’ve literally wasted your life. I’ve taken time away from your impact on the world in order to read the words that I (an I that I’m still having difficulty recognizing as part of me) said through the I that put them on the screen that was once blank. Do you hate me now? For taking your time. I hope not because even though these are words on a screen its still like I’m not really taking your time. It’s more like you’re spending your time, with me. Me and both I’s and then some. The then some takes a lot of time…I don’t know if the then some can even write. However, me and both I’s want to spend a lot of time writing. Want me to write about Donald Trump? I’ll do it since you made it this far.

When I learned that half this country was willing to accept the dramatic shift that was going to occur with a Trump presidency, I was on the verge of tears. Before the election actually took place, I had no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton was going to win. No doubt. At around 11:30 that night, I had the electoral map up and was doing math in every which way and direction to see her odds. She needed a miracle. The miracle didn’t come and I felt helpless and hopeless for so many Americans. We had just went back in time 100 years, and Americans everywhere are already feeling the heat of it. I was always aware that Donald J. Trump might have been joking. Throwing words around to get votes in order to take office and somehow work with people who actually know something about policies and politics to, “make America great again”. Playing on people’s racism and misogyny with xenophobic and sexist rhetoric, had a dear price for having the power to attempt to do so now. After Obama, our first black president took office, half of this country was filled with fire. The only reason Trump exists, in the light that he does, is because of their fire. Trump threw firecrackers at them and told them it was okay to hate all the people that they do, and to show it. Trump showed it, and what happened? He got elected President. I don’t care about the policies if it means that instead of getting their pigtails pulled, girls are going to start getting their pussies grabbed by their hormonal crushes. Do you want that to be a norm? Because the president endorsing it is how it becomes a norm! Sure parents need to raise their kids right, but kids still make mistakes. Are these the kind of mistakes you want them to be making? Also, in the country of religious freedom, people think it’s okay to yank the scarves off muslim girls? Tell them to sit in the back of the bus? I really hope we don’t have to have another civil rights movement because the people he’s appealing to hate a lot more people then just woman and muslims. Mike Pence, you wanna shock gay people into being straight? What happened to you when you were younger? We can help you. Talk to us because you look like a scary robot man that wouldn’t mind eating my soul as a midnight snack for after you prayed to God that no homosexuals came into Indiana that day. Bro get the DUCK out of the  White House YOU’RE LITERALLY INSANE. The last thing I want to say about Trump is I wish you the best of luck with the job you’ve been tasked. Our country, as hard as it is for me to say it, is partially in your hands now. Please. Come out with a clear message to your supporters, that a united America is one that does not hate it’s minorities. Explain to them why you acted the way you did. Do it for the children. We don’t need that hatred in our future.

Hillary Clinton. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. I blame you for losing. I did not forget, that this election was a battle of the lesser of two evils, and you were just a different form of evil. You cheated Bernie Sanders out of the primaries. I don’t care about any of your other scandals. All politicians are corrupt. I guarantee you’re not even the most corrupt politician out there, but you’re probably one of the worst high profile ones at hiding it. If you were going to take the primary away from a man who genuinely wanted to create a revolution that helped our country move forward in this dynamic world, you should have made sure that you could rig it all the way to the end. Look what happened. Donald J. Trump won because people didn’t trust you. Your cocky demeanor showed one quarter of democrats that you probably had it in the bag so why bother even paying attention, while your lying and corruption showed the other quarter that you’re not even worth showing up for. Thats why people did not come to support you in the polls. It’s so sad that you had to be the example for little girls everywhere. I’m glad that they can only know the side of you that represents a true role model for the American Woman, as of now. Although I’ve been really harsh even though I personally believe that you’ve dedicated your entire life to public service, I’d like to think you meant well overall. I just wish you didn’t cheat someone out of it who might’ve actually just happened to have done a better job, genitalia aside.

Shortest Conclusion Ever:

Everything that’s going on socially is the reason you don’t talk about politics, especially about who you vote for. Sorry it was my first election paying attention.


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