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This Film Will Make You Cry!

Trinity Jackson | Posted on November 05, 2019

From left to right: Christopher Demos-Brown, Steven Pasquale, Kerry Washington, Eugene Lee, and Jeremy Jordan.

No photographer credited.From left to right: Christopher Demos-Brown, Steven Pasquale, Kerry Washington, Eugene Lee, and Jeremy Jordan.

Netflix released the 2019 film “American Son,” a story about parents who are determined to find their son

Recently I watched American Son, a film directed by Kenny Leon based on Christopher Demos-Brown’s work. The film reveals the harsh realities of being a mother to a Black son in America. For an hour and a half, American Son puts you through various emotions like fear, love, and heartbreak. Kerry Washington plays Kendra Ellis-Connor, the mother to 18-year-old Jamal Connor and the estranged wife of Scott Connor. Her performance kept me at the edge of my seat during the entire film. Her tears, frustration, and the fear she portrayed because of her child being missing or hurt made me feel as though I knew her. For a minute I began to believe this was a true story and, while it isn’t, this is an example of reality for some Black mothers.

Steven Pasquale plays Scott Connor, the father of Jamal and the estranged husband to Kendra. He’s a white-American FBI agent and his role made me very frustrated. Viewers will have to watch this film to witness how aggravating his character is. I felt as though Scott couldn’t even remotely relate to Kendra and her experience as a Black mother. This was exemplified when Kendra asked Scott if his father ever warned him about being stopped by the police. Both parents experience hours of tension and occasional heated conversations with an ignorant, rookie cop played by Jeremy Jordan. Tears brimmed in my eyes as Lieutenant John Stokes, played by Eugene Lee, revealed the final details regarding Jamal’s disappearance. I noticed so many hidden messages in the film as it finished. After viewing the film, I reflected on Kendra’s insecurities, Scott’s obliviousness to his own racist beliefs, and the mindset of the straight-forward Lieutenant. American Son is a “must-see.” It easily deserves a 10/10 rating and it will make some viewers emotional.


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