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This Is Halloween

Well not exactly, but it’s pretty close. In case you didn’t know, this is Tommy Heavenly6, a pop-punk band from Kyoto, Japan. Tommy Heavenly6 is fronted by Tomoko Kawase (her voice is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne’s earlier days). She is also the lead singer of the Japanese alternative-rock band The Brilliant Green.


The concept of this band started back in early 2003 and came into existence later that year. Kawase was becoming dissatisfied with where her music career was headed with her other project Tommy February6 (a more bubblegum-pop type of sound). She decided to create Tommy Heavenly as an edgier alter-ego to the more sugary-sweet Tommy February. Since then, she was able to release ten successful singles and four full-length albums with Tommy Heavenly6 (her third album debuted at #10 on Japan’s Oricon chart!). Her songs were incorporated into popular anime (Japanese animated shows) such as Soul Eater and Bakuman. She released her fourth studio album in 2013.


How do you like J-rock? What’s your opinion on Tommy Heavenly6? Check out these music videos (Monochrome Rainbow & Ruby Eyes) and let me know what you think in the comments below!



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