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Top 3 Songs From My New Playlist: Ride

As a commuter, I listen to a lot of music which leads to me finishing my playlists quickly. I don’t mind listening to the same songs every day, or every time I commute, but I do like switching up the genres or flow of a playlist. Whether you are commuting from a car, train, bike etc; this playlist will maybe offer new music for you, or a mix of songs you wouldn’t think of putting together. Some of my favorite artists such as Don Toliver, Tame Impala and The Weeknd are included. There’s a few slower songs, but also some more upbeat ones.

I like to change the mood of the music I’m listening to pretty quickly, which is why I always mix “sad” songs with upbeat music. With so many songs included in this playlist, it was hard picking my top 3, yet here they are and why:

  1. Secrets by The Weeknd – The first time I listened to this

2. Drugs N Hella Melodies by Don T



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