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Top Five Places to Write

Hi everybody!

This is Manylen. I’m a newbie blogger for the UIC Radio. I’m currently a fourth year student majoring in English and minoring in Chemistry. I will blog about my school life weekly.

This month, I challenge myself to participate in NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to finish writing a novel in 30 days with a total of 50,000 words.

I had been trying out places that I can concentrate in writing better. Here my best five places on campus to write or to do assignments for English classes.

  1. Port Center Cafe Lounge – located on the second floor of University Hall. The outside scenery, brightness from sun shines through glass windows, and the music playing from the Cafe really inspires me to write.

  2. Computer Lab at BSB – This is the place I come if I don’t bring my laptop. This computer lab is not crowded and the printers tend to function well. Check this computer lab out if you just want to print your assignments or lecture slides before class.

  3. Third Floor Quiet Study Area at the Library – I like to come here when I am not too tired. I find peace and quite here.

  4. Student Recreation Facility – I like to come here in between my classes or to kill some times before participating in the Drop-In Group Fitness class. There are sitting area nearby the Rock Climbing Area and a lounge on the second floor.

  5. Douglas Hall – On the third floor, it has a nice sitting area facing the windows and a small cafe.

I highly encourage you to try out this places when you do your papers.


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