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Townes Ranks the 41 concerts he went to in college

I Attended 41 concerts during my time in college. Here are all of them ranked worst to best.

41. PARTYNEXTDOOR - Really bad left halfway through

40. Lil Tecca - At least he played Ransom

39. Glass Beach - Home Is Where opened, and they stole the show

38. Bright Eyes (Troutdale) - It sucks to see your heroes get that drunk on stage 

37. Dorian Electra -  Fun but very stinky

36. Soccer Mommy - idc I still love this band 

35. Cheekface - Cute band 

34. Amine - Portland representation

33. Snow Strippers (2024) - Very “first show of tour” vibes

32. Mxmtoon - I went to this one because of my sister, and she had fun 

31. The National - I went to this one for my dad and he had fun

30. Sematary - Kinda dumb but very fun

29. Brakence - Incredible performance with awful vibes 

28. AJJ - Did 16-year-old me a favor with this one

27. Of Montreal - Nuts

26. Hannah Diamond - Just very cathartic

25. Alex Cameron (2023) - I was so close to Roy

24. The Strokes - They were all super drunk, but I got in for free

23. Yeule - Near flawless discography

22. Yung Lean - I don’t even care if the performance was bad; I had a blast

21. Snow Strippers (2023) - WAY better in a small venue

20. Mitski - Incredible performance but literally a crowd of 12-year-olds screaming and crying

19. Orville Peck - Just really wonderful

18. George Clanton - Would be higher if all 4 TVs on stage worked 

17. JPEGmafia - Would be higher if he played "thot tactics" 

16. Alex Cameron - Not as close to Roy, but better show

15. Yves Tumor - "Meteora Blues" is one of the greatest songs of all time

14. Bright Eyes (Chicago) - I cried during this 

13. Phoebe Bridgers - Also cried during this one (not during the song you would expect)

12. Bar Italia - Bro, I love bands 

11. Jeff Rosenstock - I bought a flag

10. Death Grips - I wasn't in the pit, and I think that's best for my health

9. Alex G - I was not ready for "Brick"

8. Xiu Xiu - Had to sit through 2 hour long openers, and it was totally worth it 

7. 100 gecs - I got COVID at this show

6. Black Country, New Road - Would be higher if they weren't British

5. Underscores - So fun so fun so fun

4. Lingua Ignota - Someone passed out just because it was so beautiful

3. Injury Reserve - Wild pit. So happy they played the whole album

2. Perfume Genius - As soon as I can see him again, I will

1. The Postal Service - the greatest album of all time so I’m biased 


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