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Trash Talk: A Rose Without A Thorn


Golden Girls is a timeless classic. Period. There will be no debates. This show is just a good time for two friends, who may or may not host a radio show together, to have with each other on a chill day.  This is the start of a new blog series reviewing random Golden Girls episodes and relating them to the present day.

The most endearing main character amongst the ladies is hands down Rose Nylund, played by Betty White. Rose is often seen as very innocent and naive, which Betty White plays perfectly as she exudes this warmness. This is likely why everyone loves Betty White. When Rose has a struggle or is clearly in the wrong about something it makes the lesson she learns hit home a bit more because it is this well meaning person trying her best. This was apparent in episode 8 of season 1, “Break In”.

The episode begins with the ladies returning from a Madonna concert, which is still how a sitcom can start an episode 33 years later interestingly enough (c’mon career longevity), and we find out the ladies are victim of a home burglary. The burglars have left with a few precious items but the ladies are safe. While Dorothy and Blanche are more annoyed that there valuable items have been stolen, Rose is shaken up and feels unsafe. After unsuccessful attempts to utilize different security systems and a failed attempt to use a guard dog, Rose decides she needs a gun to protect herself.  This is very strange episode for the first season of a TV sitcom.

She’s experienced a traumatic event, is in a constant state of worry and can’t sleep out of fear of the robbers. Rose’s decision is ill advised and she even shoots the gun out of fear, almost shooting Blanche’s date as they enter the house. Quick question, how easy was it to get a gun in the 1980’s that this was a plausible storyline?  Rose was robbed and had a gun in like two days later. 

Rose’s thought process goes in line with the thinking that the best defense is a good offense, like fighting guns with guns. In the end after realizing a gun wouldn’t make her any safer, and instead has to find the strength inside herself. She had previously said she hadn’t felt safe without a man since it is four women living together. But f**k that narrative, these women can handle themselves. Just like arming teachers with guns won’t end school shootings, Rose owning and haphazardly handling a gun won’t make them impenetrable to robbery.

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