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Trending How: Animals on the Runway??

With all of the animals on the catwalk this year, one might’ve thought it was a Zoo!!

Collina Strada truly pushed the limits of couture,

using makeup and prosthetics to transform the models into animal-like figures, walking, slithering and crawling on the catwalk — Collina created a truly unique show.

The show, titled Please Don’t Eat My Friends, is about being vegetarian, and a message about how others should be as well. Animals and humans are not too far apart from each other as this show makes clear.

It is truly a unique concept, having people turned into creatures not quite half animal, but not in the typical ears and a tail, having complete stunts coming seamlessly from their faces.

While not using any real animal heads, they created extremely life-like prosthetics of animal heads which caused quite some outrage. At first, people believed that these were real heads on the runway, so much so that Schiaparelli had to make a statement that they were nothing more than resin and hours of work and dedication.

This show was inspired by Dante’s Inferno, in which Dante travels through the layers of hell. They are meant to portray lust, pride and avarice, which are shown to be wild beasts.

These 2 shows were real head-turners and arguably 2 of the most talked about shows in this NYFW, creating quite the stir with the wild thoughts and beastly ideas!

That’s all for this week! Thank you so much!!


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