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Trending How: Asymmetry?

Hiiii guyssss, sorry for the inconsistency with posting! Midterms and everything has really been hitting me hard these last few weeks!

But on to what everyone is here for...

Let's talk Asymmetry!

In fashion, it can look like many different things, vertical, horizontal, etc. I'm also going to be talking about "Big top small bottoms" and all the variations, including big shoes and gloves!!!

So first off: is asymmetry back in?

On TikTok and all over Instagram I keep seeing models, fashion influencers, etc. wearing really asymmetrical dresses and shirts. If we are keeping up with the 20-year cycle then it would make sense why this really popular 2000's trend is starting to appear again!

Personally, I don't hate it, but it's also not something I'd reach for. That being said, I have been seeing this jellyfish-looking dress that I am a little obsessed with.

The well-fitted highs and draping lows really complement people as well as giving a little bit of a 'weird' factor, which seems to be in at the moment.

But while there is the more modern take with the jellyfish dress, there are the diagonally cut baby tees that I have seen everyone DIY-ing.

Instead of the typical high-low skirts that used to be popular, where it was higher in the front of the skirt and longer in the back, it goes side to side now! With either the left or right side being higher than the other side.

As for "why asymmetry is back in season," if you want to get deep and metaphorical about it, one could say that it is due to the societal feeling of being off-balanced; everything is thrown out of wack, and many people's greatest form of expression is their clothing. However, that's all in the background; most likely it is due to the 20-year trend cycle, one influencer does it in hopes of being unique or due to the deeper themes earlier discussed, and it catches like wildfire (still due to societal pressures). And a couple months to a year after it first started trending, it will end up in mass-produced stores like H&M, Shein, Temu, Zara, etc. Continuing the trend and trying to weave it into pop culture over the long term

Besides, its Autum, so people really want to see things rise and Fall ;)

Uneven Clothing!

I'm sure everyone has heard of 'Big tops Little bottoms' or 'Little tops Big bottoms' but why are they so popular?

First off, once again they are very flattering on everyone, regardless of body type. If the look is unbalanced enough it almost gives a balancing effect. It makes the outfit feel very equal as well as giving a unique silhouette.

Second, it gives the wearer lots of options! 'little' and 'big' is very subjective, for big bottoms that could mean long, or wide, or bigger patterns! Same with little! It can be tighter or cropped or even just drawing less attention to whatever you chose to deem 'little'!

I personally believe that shoes and other accessories should be included in this as well! wearing a 'little' outfit with big shoes and 'big' accessories, which can be hair, gloves, bags, even jewelry.

I would really recommend this technique if you ever feel uninspired and not knowing what to wear, sometimes a big jacket over an outfit can make a big difference!!

I really love asymmetry; it can truly elevate and add to any look, especially now that the weather is getting colder. Layering can add to these uneven looks and styles. It also really does show personality; as I said before, these inbalanced outfits can be 'weird' but weird is popular right now. With the mass popularization of Indie and even Grunge, people want to be weird; they want to be different. Something really bloomed over COVID's quarantine, and while it is less extreme than it was, this exponential growth in the 'other' is still going strong. Not to say that everyone who dresses and looks outside of the norm is some poser, obviously, but it definitely became trendy and popular to look different, which I believe was really beneficial for some people, who then really liked that style and it helped them find what fits. Asymmetry is a wonderful way for people to play with their appearance and a great hack even when one feels uninspired or overwhelmed.

Thank you guys so much and you will see me next week! I hope you enjoyed this and I hope to see some more vertical and horizontal asymmetry!!!


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