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Trending How: Staying Cozy and Cute

Haiiiii, I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! So, if you haven't noticed, the weather is kind of all over the place here, but when it gets cold, it's cold. So here are a few tricks and tips I use for the winter!

  • Layering

Believe me, layers are your best friend, but there is a right way to go about doing it. Layers help to trap heat, but in order to keep that heat close to your body, you have to give it room to breathe. This is why layering leggings under your jeans never seems to help keep you warm; instead, you should start with a thinner, more breathable fabric, and that's your first layer! We work our way up.

  • Socks and Gloves

I don't know about you, but my hands and feet always get super cold. Gloves are my best friend when it gets below 40 because, after even 10 minutes in the cold, my hands feel like ice blocks. I personally find that a mitten is more useful for keeping warm than gloves because they have more room for heat to circulate than gloves, which can be skin-tight. But gloves are more handy, for sure.

And SOCKS!! Thick, fuzzy socks are amazing. Keeping your feet specifically warm is a super important way to keep all of you warm! We keep and lose a lot of our feet through our feet!

  • Fleece Lined Tights

I cannot and will not shut up about these. I just got mine off of Amazon, and they help so much. You can wear them under skirts and dresses, maybe even pants if it's that cold out. I typically will put another pair of tights on over them too, because the off-skin tone just gives me a slight uncanny valley look.

  • Scarves

I love scarves!! I have seen so many around campus recently and even on social media. I think they are so cute, and especially a large woven one, which is not only super cute but also very warm!!

Thank you!! I hope everyone stays warm this winter, and good luck to everyone with exams!!


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