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☕️ Two Shades of Comfort ☕️

This week’s blog will be a collaboration between myself and fellow UIC Radio Blogger La Calavera Cafetera, owner of Llena Mi Tacita. Over the past week, I introduced her to a new cafe that recently opened up on Taylor Street, just around the corner from the UIC campus, called Two Shades Cafe

Given that we are in Fall, Calavera and I had decided to walk to the cafe. As soon as we entered we were hit with a wave of warmth. The aesthetic of the cafe was that of the Lo-fi video with the girl studying with the cat on the windowsill. The layout is open with a semi-wrap around window counter, a sofa seating area as you walk in, as well as an additional separate individual seating section in between with plush chairs and two hanging basket chairs — for those who are looking for extra comfort and quirkiness. Additionally, the back area of the cafe features a long dinning hall style table and open seating with lots of space to sit and work while you enjoy a warm drink and pastry. There are also multiple spots to charge your laptop or tablet, which is a nice plus and makes the cafe a nice place to study and get work done. 

In regards to the food and drinks, Calavera got a Blooming Berry Smoothie and I got a Dirty Abuelita latte. Her smoothie was pretty good, she liked how the flavors blended together. According to her, I looked like I was given the answers to the universe when I drank my Dirty Abuelita Latte. As of Monday October 17, we made a return visit because it’s that good. This time around Calavera got a Dirty Abuelita, and she agreed, it slaps. I got what was, according to her, a breadstick drink. I ordered the Honey Oat Milk Latte, which I enjoyed due to its mild taste. I will say, while it wasn’t a bad drink, it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. From first impressions, you could absolutely taste the oat milk, but in a nice bold way where it gives almost a toasted flavor to the drink. But it’s not overpowering like a coffee that’s strong and bitter to the point where u can’t even stomach it. The flavors I got from this drink were more toasty, warm notes of oats, but they felt like they’d been oven roasted somehow. The Honey Oat Milk Latte is a solid choice for anyone looking for a warm and comfortable drink that’s not too sweet — for those that don’t like overly sweet things.  

We tried a puffed pastry that comes in a lot of flavors and looks pretty because of the colorful frosting and sprinkles that are drizzled over top of it. In regards to the pastry, Calavera writes that it’s very flavorful. When you get your pastry, the flavor that you ask for is the flavor that you’re gonna taste. Now you might go, “Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go anyway?” Yes, but sometimes the flavors we ask for are either too subtle or overpowering. Two Shades Cafe finds that sweet middle, literally. We got a Matcha Brown Sugar puff pastry that had spooky Halloween sprinkles. The filling was like a mix of cinnamon roll filling and apple butter. If you haven’t had apple butter, do yourself a favor and try some cause the flavor is the epitome of Fall. The drizzle was matcha flavored, and the taste was subtle but noticeable, yet not overpowering. The flavors worked really well with each other.

If the ambience and food were not enough incentive to visit Two Shades, the cafe does also offer discounts for students, nurses, doctors and first responders. That we know of, the student discount is 10%, we would say this is a generally student-friendly establishment to consider. 

The general consensus from us is that this was an all around positive experience and we will more than likely continue to visit, should the chance come up. Since finding Two Shades, we’ve enjoyed our overall experience at the establishment and hope that by sharing, it may become a new favorite for others as well. 

Two Shades Cafe Socials & Location:

Instagram: Two Shades Cafe 

Location: Little Italy 1152 W Taylor Street, Chicago IL 60607

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