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Vote 4 Hindi!


Attention all my Desi-wannabes!

We want YOU.

Suno, yaar! Calling all ladkas aur ladkis!

Ok, so that’s about the limit of my Hindi right now, but you can blame THAT on UIC‘s outrageous lack of Hindi classes! And no, I am not planning on learning Arabic at the moment, that’s a whooole other alphabet (no joke, look it up).

Not only that, but we all know that the South Asian population is pretty darn high at UIC, and if our sister school offers Hindi along with Greek, Persian, Turkish, Zulu and several other African languages I have never even heard of…

Enough said.

We need to protest, made a stand and get our Hindi back!

Show them our jalwa!

As I speak (type?), our very own awesome Asian Studies Prof Gayatri Reddy is campaigning for the cause of white Desis and NRIs everywhere who want to get their Hindi on and you can join the ranks!

Yeh buhut important hai, so email Ferzana Chauda at for more info and to get on the list for possible upcoming classes!

P.S. If you didn’t understand of my Hindi, you should definitely sign up.

Chale chalo!

And here’s a favorite song/scene from Lagaan to get you going! (and yes, it’s long, but that’s India for you, so tough tackies)



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