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Wardens Midwest – 5eptember


Holy Guacamole 13atman! 5eptember is going to kick ass isn’t it?! Season 1, Series 2, Episodes 1 – 4.

That’s right 12obin 13oy \/\/onder! We have an exciting season with #WardensMidWest Golly! Turn up or turn around 13atman!


Season 1. Series 2. Episode 1

Kicking us off is the most deafest of chefs. DeafCheff.

After the DeafChef, we’re moving on into UIC Radio’s very first 13eat 13attle. #13eat13attle15. This match will see some of the most talented producers in the scene showing off and battling each other to win this round. Four enter, only one will be claimed the winner!

We have Kez The Dude, Machobeatz and Henni Brown competing against each other. The battle is very real and only one winner will be granted an honorary wardenship.

The format of the #13eat13attle15 will be an open format. Our producers come through with their best collection of beats and prepare to show off. After three rounds there will be an open and timed format. The battlers are given fifteen minutes and are using elements of #Folktronica in their beats.

The host @13lacula will be DJing a Juke vs Trap Mix following the battle!

***************************************************9.11************************************************ Season 1. Series 2. Episode 2

The amazing Brittany Nacole will be interviewed starting off! From Ohio but Columbia College trained. She totally kicks ass with her beautiful and soulful voice. Check her out at Soundcloud !

#Investigate311 !  Our first ever Cypher is happening live on UIcradio! Our MCs of the night include Nova the G.O.D, Kennard, Reign Supreme and Mike Rivers. These multi faceted MCs are given a light script for them to think over.

Then we have a coast 2 coast hip hop mix from @13lacula!

***************************************************9.18************************************************ Season 1. Series 2. Episode 3

Joe Crutchfield will be starting us off with his mixing! Star of his own Future Company muscianship! He produces and mixes a wide variety of EDM! Mixing for Colors Runs as well as across the states!

Next up is Graphic Nature MCs! They are some of the realest truest Hip Hop artists on the block and they;re back to rock it with us another time! Their aesthetics of the learned MC is what keeps them going!

After another true Chicago Hip Hop group, Tunnel Movement, will be joining us. They bring the West and East coast to the No-Coast North Coast! With their block rocking beats and smooth old school lyrics and style, they’re here to take over the game!

then we get a dope edm hybrid mix from MK19! No genre is safe from their mixing! Theyve played at The Crocodile as well as the evilOlive! Turn up!

Then we get to see the amazing beats brought to you by DonP! One of the Warden’s personal favorite producing artist. He never disappoints on the MASCHINE !

***************************************************9.25************************************************ Season 1. Series 2. Episode 4 Come check out the DJ battle at UIC! Free for UIC Students !

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