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Wearing A Jacket Is Cool

The cold weather has opened up a consistent conversation topic amongst my friends and I. We discussed how, back in middle school, even up until the middle of high school, we would hate wearing winter jackets. I mean personally, I HATED puffers. That’s pretty hipocritical of me, but I understand them now. Many of us agreed that wearing jackets back then was not cool, when in fact they are. There is a style for everyone and something they all share is, they keep you warm.

My favorite trend would probably be jackets. I don’t like seeing teens with hoodies or sweaters during any 30 degree weather. I know they’re freezing their body off, but can’t bare wearing a jacket. Don’t worry, because here are two jackets (in my opinion) you should consider purchasing this winter.

1 .The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse

Right of the bat, we have the famous The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse jacket. I am more than 100% sure you have seen this puffer on someone at least 30 times every winter season. Kind of biased, but it actually does its job. It has kept me warm and I still look cool (don’t care if its basic to you, its an essential and I know at some point you wanted one). It comes in various colors and even in a cropped style!

2. Aritzia Super Puff

I was actually considering buying this jacket (still debating). Recently influencers, including Emma Chamberlain, have helped Aritzia promote this puffer on instagram by styling it according to their liking. Influencer, Ruby Lynn was the one who almost made me purchase it, but I went with the North Face one LOL. Anyways, this puffer also comes in a way bigger selection of colors and the logo is not as obvious as the North Face one, if you are more of a subtle logo person.

Wearing a jacket is cool so choose to be warm.


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