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Weasel Sims Interview – 4 Chi City Radio


4 CHI CITY RADIO got a chance to catch up Chicago’s own, Weasel Sims. Weasel carries a heavy rep in the streets of Chi, creating crazy mad buzz with his mixtape “Gangland.” With music, business, and fashion under his belt, Sims is locked, loaded, and running with his brand, R.A.N. Get to know Weasel Sims and check out the interview below. And be sure to follow via twitter… more to come with the #R.A.N. movement.

B Roc – Name your top five favorite artists?  Weasel Sims – My top 5 favorite artists in no particular order are:

Jay-Z because he is one of the greatest, most consistent rappers, and businessman ever to do it. He help set the blueprint for the new wave artist/music business model that we follow today.

Kanye West is one of the most creative and trendsetting artists of our generation.

Drake is currently, and has been the most consistent hip Hop artist since he came in to the game. His style helped change the game.

Bump J is one of my favorite artists, because he is the first artist from my city I seen grinding in the streets. Treating music like a real hustle and actually growing…  getting a deal. I also have huge respect for BiggiePacJ. ColeLupeEminem and Lil Wayne all for different reasons.

B Roc – What inspired you to become a hip hop artist? Weasel Sims – My homies Tae Butch and Marvin Guidry(Bread) really influenced me to start rapping. It was just a way for us to express our natural creativity and witty personalities. That, and other artists we looked up to were the major influence.

B Roc – Tell us about one of your biggest accomplishments as an artist? Or most memorable moment. Weasel Sims – My biggest accomplishment as an artist, having my project #road2RAN get placement on 10 national rap blogs, and performing at A3C/SXSW this past year. And hearing myself on the radio, on WGCI for the first time.

B Roc – What’s something about you as an artist, that people may not know? Weasel Sims – Something I want people to know about me as an artist is, I studied the other entrepreneur/hustler/artists that came before me like 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. As far as business goes, i do alot/most things myself. I went to Columbia for music business management and marketing. I went to full sail for media communications. Im my own investor and I have a clothing line/branding company that has made an impact in Chicago even tho I’m still cultivating it. I’m into the business side of music just as much as the artistic side. I’m the type to try to make a way, when there appears to be no way.

 B Roc – What do you hate & what do you love about Chicago? Weasel Sims – What i hate about Chicago is the over toughness, the hate, the lack of support from home. The out of control violence, the mentality of many, (especially the youth), with “band wagon jumping.”

What I love about Chicago is the toughness, the melting pot type diversity, the food, the straight forwardness, the history, and the city life.

I’ve been to jail several times and messed up plenty of good opportunities for myself. My dad was what they call a “King Pen” or a big time hustler. So i found myself trying to immulate what I thought he was… These days music and music business is my hustle. I’m trying to show the streets, that there’s more than the streets. And that if you stay consistent, out of trouble, and keep faith… that anything is possible! #RAN!

Thanks for ROCKIN wit me!!! @ Roc4Chi_City IG @rockwitb_roc @4chi_cityradio



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