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  • Karalynn Cromack

What I listened to on my commute this morning.

Setting the right playlist for certain parts of the day can be the audio equivalent of fitting a square-shaped peg into a square or triangle-shaped hole. A hit-and-miss playlist can leave me with the itch to right my wrongs and take up my day until a shot at retribution presents itself. The other day was a successful hit and one I would like to share in case you ever find yourself walking through Streeterville in the rain.

The Magician- Andy Shauf 

Recently, I had the chance to see Andy Shauf live with a friend (more on that soon), and this guy’s voice is so delightfully isolating. I’ve never heard such string Canadian vowels sung in such a pleasant way.  Nonetheless, “The Magician” is a scenic wonder of a song, melodic and melancholy, as it paints a common character of the magician into a role we all find ourselves performing. Perfect for a stroll.

Tell Me Why- Wet 

This ballad is sweet, like a sunspot and watching the light hit the dust specks in a poorly ventilated room. Slow and radiant. This option would also be ideal for a train ride to the suburbs after a long day or people watching from a distant window. Muffled distortion on this track gives the impression it could be playing from a dusty old cassette, juxtaposed by the clarity of its backing strings. Through the repetitive verses, I find there’s great comfort. 

Push Back Baby- Lutalo 

By no surprise, Lutalo was Andy Shauf's opener, and I was captivated by his calm, majestic disposition. "Push Back Baby" tells a familiar story about the midwestern-esque guitar movement. Every step I take to the rhythm of this song makes me feel as if I’m melting into the scene. Lutalo has a very distinguished cadence in his music, making this song a commuter staple.

Angels- Adrianne Lenker

Given the recent buzz around Bright Future, I decided to queue up the first song I ever heard from her, bringing me a new nostalgia. With no surprise, the lyrics are refreshing and heartbreaking, soft paired against their diamond edge. All the while, the guitar engages in a beautiful partnership with Lenker’s voice. The song brings across the soothing emotion of spinning around in open fields and the recognition of the bittersweet aspects of growing up. These are all concepts best thought about on the way to work.


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